The combined logos of Atmos International and Nova Transportadora do Sudeste (NTS)

Following the success of customers across the world using Atmos International’s (Atmos) simulation software, Nova Transportadora do Sudeste (NTS) has become the latest Latin American pipeline company to select the simulation experts for its natural gas transmission network.

Monitoring pipeline behavior for Brazil’s highest capacity pipeline

The NTS network is made up of more than 2,000 km of pipeline and has the highest capacity of all pipelines in Brazil, with a transport contractual capacity of 158.2 million m3 of gas per day. NTS transports natural gas through a pipeline system that crosses Brazil’s most industrialized region and has links to the states of Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and São Paolo.

With NTS transporting gas to areas that are responsible for around 50% of gas consumption in Brazil, it’s understandable that they want to better understand the pipeline’s behavior, improve operations and maximize efficiency.

Atmos Simulation Suite

Working with Atmos, NTS have opted for the full Atmos Simulation Suite (SIM).

Atmos SIM has proven compatibility with pipelines transporting liquid and gas and supports industries ranging from chemical, oil and gas to mining and slurry.

The software is in operation in over 20 countries, supporting approximately 45,000 km of pipelines globally.

Atmos SIM provides the following:

Online and offline modeling

The ability to simulate multiple different operating scenarios, such as the hydraulic behavior of both gas and liquid pipelines accurately, on either online or offline systems

SCADA connectivity

Allowing for optimal monitoring, controlling and operating of the pipelines in the control room

Lookahead modeling

For anticipating risks and potential violations on a pipeline and prompting actions so appropriate measures can be taken to avoid future issues

Gas composition tracking

Simplifying how pipeline companies locate and provide accurate estimated arrival times for a gas, while also allowing for quality assessments to ensure a gas is delivered on-spec

Dr Jun Zhang, CEO and Founder at Atmos International, said: “I am delighted that NTS has selected Atmos as its pipeline simulation technology solutions provider to enhance the operations of its natural gas pipeline. Working together we will be able to help NTS provide the high levels of service that they strive to deliver”

Eduardo Merçon, Operations Manager at NTS commented: “To manage the capacity of our gas networks effectively and deliver gas to all of our customers reliably, we look forward to applying Atmos SIM both online and offline”