Key pipeline leak detection updates

An infographic detailing Atmos' quarterly achievements, which include: eight thefts detected, three leaks detected, ten Site Acceptance Tests (SATs) completed, 11 Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs) completed, six training sessions delivered and nine clients upgraded to the latest software

We’ve begun the first quarter of 2023 with ongoing success in leak and theft detection. Whether it’s oil and gas, water, aviation or the mining industries, our hardware and software solutions continue to serve customers across the world. With a total of six training sessions delivered this quarter too, Atmos customers can be confident in the knowledge that they’re getting the best service from their solutions.

Quarterly achievements

  • Eight thefts detected
  • Three leaks detected
  • Ten Site Acceptance Tests (SATs) completed
  • 11 Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs) completed
  • Six training sessions delivered
  • Nine clients upgraded to the latest software

Here are some of the handpicked stories from the quarter to share with you how we’ve been supporting our customers globally.

Atmos' acoustic sensing technology reveals dents on a UK pipeline

An existing UK customer recently contacted us for help with a potential blockage in their pipeline. Using Atmos Wave, initial analysis was carried out before we went on site and a possible dent was identified. The customer confirmed our dent location was correct.

During the site visit, we used acoustic sensing technology to conduct further investigation. The device was attached to a brush pig and placed inside the pipeline to complete a pigging run.

An Atmos pigging device inserted inside the customer’s pipeline

Figure 1: An Atmos pigging device inserted inside the customer’s pipeline

The data collected during the pigging run confirmed Atmos Wave’s initial analysis and no blockage was identified.

Overcoming aggressive pipeline thefts in Africa

Pipeline theft has grown increasingly more aggressive in parts of Africa with some pipeline companies shutting down their operations entirely to avoid further product loss.

We’ve seen a range of impacts from this ramped up activity, from large leaks caused by tapping points left open to explosives causing ruptures on pipelines.

Detecting thefts like this was made possible by Atmos Odin due to its ability to find product theft in locations with limited power or communications. The unit’s small and inconspicuous size also means it is difficult for thieves to see.

Further offline analysis by Atmos Theft Net engineers enabled us to provide an even more accurate leak location range for these thefts too.

The location of a rupture caused by a pipeline theft

Figure 2: The location of a rupture caused by a pipeline theft

Supporting with leak detection in the Latin American mining industry

A mining company in Latin America that carries slurry from the mine up to the processing plant experienced issues during their mining operation at one station and the drain valves opened, creating a leak in the system.

Our leak detection system alarmed the leak with an accurate location. Atmos’ reliable technology helps mining companies feel safe in the knowledge that they are keeping their commitment to protect the environment.

Atmos aviation engineers have been busy serving airports around the world


Using Atmos Aviation Care, we recently discovered suspect data on a customer’s airport hydrant system. The customer’s data had started to get closer to the alarm threshold and their tests had started to fail.

Atmos aviation engineers visited the site to check the customer’s testing procedures and discovered a small bypass line that was still open and causing pressure to bleed off during tests.


In airports across the United States, we’ve been supporting with tests, conducting exercises to optimize the performance of the Atmos Portable Tightness Monitor and providing extensive training to the customers.

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