What is Atmos Batch?

When transporting products through a pipeline, operators could be dealing with many types of products going to different locations with varying ownerships. Being able to accurately forecast where batches start and end, the size of the batch volume and the time they are due to arrive at their destinations is essential. This ensures that the correct product goes to the correct end user and more importantly, that the product is not contaminated.

With Atmos Batch, a pipeline operator knows for certain the location of the head and tail of every batch in a multiple product pipeline to swing valves with confidence at the time they arrive at their destination. An accurate visual display reports batch details and other valuable information to the commercial department, helping to optimize sales revenues.

Atmos Batch is a module of Atmos SIM and uses the same schematic as the pipeline model, Atmos SIM Leak Detection and Atmos Pig.

Why use Atmos Batch?

Using Atmos Batch offers the following benefits:

  • Track the products in a pipeline
  • Monitor the progress of products through the distribution chain
  • Run an efficient and cost-effective pipeline
  • Track the product quality
  • Interface easily with existing systems