What is Atmos GMS?

It is essential that pipeline operators know that the amount of gas being transported in their pipeline will meet the anticipated demand, while ensuring that the companies shipping inventoried product in their pipeline are accurately billed. With multiple gas batches traveling within the line with differing owners, it can be incredibly challenging and time consuming to accurately monitor these activities.

Atmos GMS is a web-based management solution for gas transmission companies. Companies can manage business information and track transportation contracts across their network through the buying, selling and transportation processes. The main functions include contract nomination, stock account, stock management, gas balance management/reconciliation and reporting.

Why use Atmos GMS?

Using Atmos GMS offers the following benefits:

  • Better forecasting feasibility and revisions
  • Better billing by using the customizable billing formula that is adjustable for each shipper
  • Automated reporting including shipper forecasts, shipper stock, gas allocations and billing
  • Data can be added manually by shippers and transporters and collected from the SCADA system to obtain live pipeline data.

Product brochure

Download the product brochure to find out more about Atmos Gas Management System’s features and benefits